About the Church of Latter Day PORN (Letters from the Elders)

Hello and welcome to the Church of Latter Day PORN ...

We are a small group of people who feel that Latter Day PORN is an aspect of many people's lives which is too readily overlooked. We believe that Latter Day PORN can play an important role in today's society, and should not be discounted or written off without taking a closer look at what it can do for you.

Many religions and belief systems don't follow their own teachings, and say to their followers to be good to others, when their leaders will create a bias against those who believe in something even just a little bit different than themselves. Take a look at history throughout the ages, and you will find war after war based around differences in religious beliefs, and these religions will generally teach tolerance for others, and goodwill towards others. See any contradictions here?

Well here at COLDPORN, we don't like a lot of what we see. We want people including Church Leaders to look closely at what is taught, and to truly follow what they say. Latter Day PORN is all about tolerance, and we take it to new levels. Here is an outline:

  • Try and be generally nice to people (if they are assholes then you can reconsider)
  • Be accepting of those different from you (be it race, age, gender, sexual preference, or whatever)
  • Have some fun (even if it takes your beliefs to the limit)
  • Don't let stuff-ups get in your way (much like when giving up smoking - having one isn't the end of the world)
Another unique aspect of the Church of Latter Day PORN, is that just because you believe in PORN as being an important part of everyday life, you can still hold other beliefs too ... we really don't give a damn if you are part of another religion or belief system, just as long as somewhere deep inside yourself you know that you can stand up proudly and publically announce "I believe in Latter Day PORN, and PORN is an important part of my life".

If after reading this you decide that the Church of Latter Day People Oriented Religious Notions is not for you then that is fine too, but any time you think that what your religion teaches its followers isn't quite right for you, just tell people you think that Latter Day PORN might be the right answer for you ...

A letter from one of the founders

Elder Pervy

Elder Pervy

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